There’s nothing like your own bed and Odd Size Beds believe that everyone deserves a comfortable night’s sleep without paying over the odds. Our range of contemporary, affordable bed frames includes metal beds, wooden beds, leather beds and guest beds deliver a luxurious and cozy snooze, night after night.

Contemporary, Affordable Beds & Bed Frames

Our customisable selection of high quality beds can facilitate all requirements. Whether you’re looking for a romantic double or king-size bed, something smaller for the kids, an elegant wooden finish or a stylish and reliable metal bed frame, Odd Size Beds allow your to create your dreamy sleeping experience on a budget.

We recognise and embrace the fact everybody has their own preferences, size restrictions and decor in their home and at Odd Size Beds, you choose your bed, from the size and type to the style and finish.

Metal Beds Wooden Beds Leather Beds Guest Beds

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