Memory Foam Divans

For sleepyheads that value comfort, relaxation and a great night’s sleep, the memory foam divan bed is a fantastic option. Sourced from high quality manufacturers, our custom memory foam divans provide the reliable and supportive bed base you need for a comfortable mattress. Our beautiful collection of memory foam divans includes outstanding options for your contemporary bedroom style.

Divans are advantageous for a variety of reasons; lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, for couples and families that enjoy rearranging the bedroom from time to time, you’ll have no problem constructing your ideal layout with memory foam divans.

Comfortable Memory Foam Divan Beds

With an array of storage space options, a memory foam divan reduces clutter in the bedroom, perfect for shoes, clothes and other valuables in in-built drawers. Whatever you space, you can customise the memory foam divan bed at Odd Size Beds, whether you’re looking for a single, double or even something a little bigger.

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