Sprung Divans

Sprung divans are categorised by a top layer of springs in the bed base that serve as a shock absorber, offering cushioned but durable support and a soft sleep space. Our range of sprung divans includes an array of options for sleepyheads to find their desired aesthetic and look, with divan bed sets and bases available for affordable prices.

There are various reasons why sprung divans are the preferred choice for a great night’s sleep. With an additional layer of support for added comfort, sprung divans elongate the lifespan of your mattress with its shock absorbing qualities.

Contemporary Sprung Divan Bed Bases & Sets

Paired with the right mattress, a good quality sprung divan bed is a great option for individuals, couples and families looking for a relaxing night’s sleep. Browse our range of sprung divans to find a bed that fits your space and customise the divan of your dreams.

Pocket Divans Memory Divans Luxury Divans

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