Cabin Bed Frames

Rather than buying a bed for you little one and furniture for storage, why not incorporate both?! At Odd Size Beds, you can customise the Cabin bed of your kid’s dreams so they can sleep, relax, store toys & homework and play. With such an array of uses, cabin beds are fantastic options for young children, providing their cosy space for snoozing after a long day at school and playing outside. Our range of Cabin beds are not only versatile and useful, but are ideal for kids bedrooms that are not blessed with space.

Strong & Sturdy Cabin Beds For Kids With Storage

With handy storage spaces for toys, homework and prized possessions, kids can have their own little world with a Cabin Bed. Striking, stylish and practical, Cabin Beds are Odd Size Beds are affordable yet constructed from durable and quality materials to ensure safety and longevity. Watch your child’s eyes light up when they see their brand new luxury cabin bed!

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