King Size Mattresses

For couples that need that extra space, king size mattresses are a fantastic choice, providing all the comfort and space you need to roll around, spread out and more. To live like a king, you must sleep like a king, and our range of king size mattresses at Odd Size Beds are more affordable than you may think.

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, your choice of king size mattress with your bed frame and headboard is everything. If you’ve got the space, why not get a huge king size setup to provide a great night’s sleep for you and your partner? At 5’ x 6’6”, you’ll have a hard time hogging these mattresses through the night.

Comfortable Luxury King Size Mattresses

Whether you’re looking for the reliable support of a sprung mattress or the dreamy qualities of a soft memory foam mattress, we have the custom king size mattress for and your partner’s sleeping style.

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