Super King Mattresses

Super king mattresses are the godfathers of sleep and snooze, providing all of the space and comfort you’ll ever need for a great night’s sleep. You’ll be sneaking away for secretive naps all day with a super king mattress! Ideal for couples with lots of space to spare in the bedroom, you can customise the super king mattress of your dreams so you can sleep like a king at Odd Size Beds.

Sleep Like A King With Our Super King Mattresses

These mattresses are also great options for those on the tall side, at 6.0′ x 6.6″”. Although your choice of super king bed frame and headboard are important for aesthetic and support, when it comes to comfort, the onus is all on the mattress.

Whether you’re looking for the comfort of a soft memory foam mattress or the durability and support of a sprung mattress, we have a super king mattress for you.

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