Choosing the right mattress

Choosing the right mattress is probably the most important part of purchasing a brand new bed.

The right mattress is the vital ingredient in you attaining the perfect night’s sleep and in return waking up feeling fully revitalised ready to tackle another day, no matter what it has in store for you.

Sleeping on a surface which is unsuitable for your needs could lead to many different discomforts including sleeplessness, back pains, numbness of limbs and generally overall aches and pains.

It is crucial for those suffering from any medical conditions such as back or spinal pains to ensure the mattress they choose is perfectly suited to your individual needs; otherwise you may find that rather than relieving the pain and discomfort you could actually make it worse.

The main aspect of choosing a new mattress is all own to personal preference, your preference and needs are the biggest factor for the final decision, because let’s face it looks style etc come secondary but all that is useless if you can’t get a good night’s sleep due to not being able to get comfortable.

There not one single bed or mattress in existence that is perfect for everyone’s needs or a pacific need, so we can’t really say that so and so mattress is the best for the back just as we can’t say there is a perfect sleeping position that is the best for everyone.

Several different factors come into play here such as;

  • There are many different types of back conditions that are caused in many different ways which may respond to certain specific kinds of beds, mattresses or sleeping positions not to mention different tension sleeping surfaces.
  • Again the personal preference is key aspect to any decision, as what is right for one person isn’t always suitable for the next person.
  • Scientific study has been inconclusive and very limited in regards to exactly how much the mattress plays a part in relieving back pain.
  • Many spinal and back pains are too complex and can’t be pin pointed as to if the mattress actually plays a big part in improving the pain or making it worse.

Back pain has been used as an example here but this could apply to any medical condition, whether it be back problems or respiratory problems or any other problem for that matter.

The bottom line is choosing a mattress is really down to preference.