Could Your Mattress Be Making You Ill?

Obesity has become one of the biggest problems to the health of the population in today’s society. Few realise that obesity can lead to a wide range of health problems including sleep disorders. Sleep disorders impact the quality of sleep you receive, impacting your productivity throughout the day and can result in further health problems.
The reason behind some of these problems of obesity-driven disorders even obesity its self, can be down to your mattress. Sleep deprivation can result in over eating throughout the day to increase energy levels causing obesity. Taking a look at your mattress may be worthwhile and beneficial.
According to research an older mattress will provide less support characteristics of a younger mattress. With the lack of support on specific pressure points it causes the body to strain causing enough discomfort to make you to move and disturb your sleep. With the stirring of the sleep being done subconsciously, the only evidence of the disturbance is the feeling of exhaustion.

Memory Foam mattresses can combat obesity

As a consequence of lack of sleep people will begin eating high energy foods such as high-carbs and high-sugars throughout the day to boost energy. Carbs are turned into sugars which turn to fat if they are not exercised off. If this is continued untreated it will lead to gaining weight and eventually obesity.
Snoring is another form of sleep disorders and can also be caused by obesity. 50% of adults mostly male are affected by snoring. Snoring is linked with a bad mattress, a good supportive mattresses will allow you to sleep on your side and on your front comfortably. Leaving snoring untreated can lead to another sleep disorder called apnea that deprives the brain of oxygen.
This circle of health issues of poor sleep, poor eating and chronic fatigue could all be a result of an old unsupportive mattress. The quality of sleep and health can be improved by the simple change of a mattress.