Time For A Nap

For most of us we find that we never seem to be getting enough sleep at night, no matter how early you drift off. Not only does lack of sleep make you ill it can also damage your intelligence. Studies found that lack of sleep can make year 6 students as clever as year 4 students.

Solution? Take a nap. Naps aren’t a complete solution to the lack of sleep, but has scientific proof to have many benefits and advantages.

5 Breakdowns to naps

  1. “I just need to be more alert and focused!” Taking a 10-20 minute nap will boost your alertness and focus for 2 or more hours. Also it will help reduce blood pressure. With it only being less than 20 minutes you will be entering a non-rapid eye movement (NREM) which means you will be able to hit the ground running after waking.
  2. “Brain no working, need smart” Taking a 60 minute nap has the benefits of a 20 minute sleep as well as helps improve learning and remembering names, facts and places. The only downside of this nap is that it will cause grogginess after waking up.
  3. “I want it all” Taking a 90 minutes nap will allow you to have the full circle of sleep, as you will enter rapid eye movement (REM). This will help increase memory, alertness, learning, creativity and performance. Waking up from this length of nap means it’s easier to wake up.
  4. “I don’t know what I want but you’ve scared me into napping and I don’t have much time” Taking a 10 minutes is better than 5, 20, and 30. 10 minute naps produce immediate improvements and helps boost creativity and performance. It is also a healthier option than using caffeine and other supplements.
  5. “I don’t have enough time to tell you how little time I have” No nap is too short! 2008 studies showed that taking naps for even a few minutes provided many benefits, even the anticipation of a nap can lower the blood pressure.