Beds and Mattresses: Standard, Special and Shorty!

Here at Odd Size Beds, we specialise in finding exactly the right sleeping solution to suit your needs. Our bed frames, divan bed sets, mattresses and mattress toppers can be supplied in the exact size you require. This edition of our blog helps you to understand the differences between standard, special and shorty.

Standard Sizes

If you don't have any special requirements, a standard size mattress, divan or bed frame is right for you. A list of standard UK bed sizes follows:

  • Small Single 2'6'' x 6'3'' (75 x 190cm)
  • Single 3'0'' x 6'3'' (90 x 190 cm)
  • Small Double (Queen) 4'0'' x 6'3'' (120 x 190cm)
  • Double 4'6'' x 6'3'' (135 x 190cm)
  • King Size 5'0'' x 6'6'' (150 x 200cm)
  • Super King Size 6'0'' x 6'6'' (180 x 200cm)

Shorty Sizes

The term 'shorty' simply means that the bed, mattress or mattress topper is shorter than the UK standard size but is the same width. These products are ideal for children, guest rooms, small rooms or smaller people.

Special Sizes

Also known as 'odd' sizes (from which our company takes its name!), special sizes of divans, mattresses and mattress toppers are made to customer-specified lengths AND widths: this means that the chosen product can be infinitely customised. In addition, the height of odd size bed frames can be altered: the frame can be lowered by up to five inches and raised by up to two inches. Note that lowered divan bases can not include storage drawers.

As you can see, Odd Size Beds are able to supply a sleeping solution that will suit both the room and the sleeper exactly. Please browse our website to discover our comprehensive collection of bed frames, divan bed sets, mattresses, mattress toppers and accessories.

If you need any help, advice or information, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team, who will guide you through your options and ensure that you choose the very best selection of products to suit your needs. Sweet dreams!

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