Divan Bed Sale - Save 10%

Divan Bed Sale - Save 10%


​We certainly do and beds is our speciality!  Especially when it comes to size and space!

If you have a small box room and not enough space for a standard size bed?  No problem, choose a shorter or narrower option.

Or maybe you have the luxury of a large bedroom with unlimited space.  In that case treat yourself to an extra large bed!  And why not?

Whatever your bedroom size, we can make a bed to fit it. 

For all of next week YOU CAN SAVE 10% ON DIVAN BEDS!

All custom size divans are available in 3" increments. You can customise the fabric and colour to suit your bedroom decor.  And if you need to tuck away a few blankets or towels, there's storage too!

Get your divan bed made to order and delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Check out our website MONDAY 27 TO FRIDAY 31 MARCH to get your DISCOUNT.  🛒🏃

  • Standard UK sizes click here
  • Custom sizes click here

You know it makes sense!

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