Divan Bed Sets & Mattresses: Buy Now and Save 10%

An uncomfortable bed. Worrying about finances. What do these two things have in common? They both prevent you from getting a good night's sleep! To help with both of these issues, Odd Size Beds are currently offering a cool 10% price discount right across our extensive range of mattresses and divan bed sets.

The range includes:

Total Comfort 2000 Divan Bed Set

The foundation of this luxurious divan bed set is a solid, sturdy platform base, which is supplied complete with integral gliders. An eclectic range of fabric and colour choices, along with a selection of quality headboards and storage upgrade options, allows you to customise the base in an infinite variety of ways to exactly suit your needs.

The second element of the set is a soft yet supportive mattress that contains no less than 2,000 individually-wrapped pocket springs, which are encased in a honeycombed unit. A damask fabric with anti-static qualities is used to upholster the mattress, which is completed with a composite memory/reflex topper for the ultimate combination of comfort and support.

Laytec 8000 Foam Mattress

The Laytec 8000 mattress, lovingly crafted by Icon Designs, is an ideal match for any wooden frame or divan bed. Manufactured from high-density Laytec foam and supplied complete with a removable quilted cover, this stunning mattress is designed to give you a great night's sleep, from which you'll wake feeling refreshed, energised and ache-free.

One of the key qualities of Laytec foam is its extreme durability, which prevents it from the warping and/or sagging that can affect inferior mattresses. A cost-effective, affordable alternative to pricey latex mattresses, the Laytec 8000 is an excellent choice for any bedroom.

Check out the Odd Size Beds website to discover these and many other mattresses and divan bed sets, all currently available with that tasty 10% price discount!

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