Divan Bed Sets: Combining Tradition with Modernity

The divan bed has been around for centuries and remains the most popular bed option to this day. Comprising just two simple components (a base and a mattress), divan bed sets offer plenty of benefits: here are just five of them...

  • Space-Saving. Maximising the available space in any given room is obviously desirable. When it comes to bedrooms, the bed itself is obviously going to take up a significant portion of the space and so the compact nature of a divan bed makes it especially useful, especially in rooms that are particularly small. When fitted with optional storage drawers, the potential for space-saving is even higher. 
  • Easy Assembly. Usually supplied in two halves which are quickly and simply attached, the base of a divan bed can be assembled in minutes. With that job done, all that remains is to put the mattress snugly on top.
  • Traditional Style. With such a long and prestigious history, it's no wonder that the distinctive style of the divan bed is so immediately recognisable. This certainly doesn't mean that you're limited in your choice of design options: modern divan bed sets retain that timeless look yet are available in a huge array of colours and fabrics.
  • Reliable Proportions. As each divan base is manufactured to exactly suit the mattress it is supplied with, you don't have to worry about getting the proportions right. Simply let us know which size you need and we'll do the rest.
  • Low Weight. Compared to a bed frame crafted from solid wood, a divan base is lightweight and therefore much easier to handle, whether you are moving home or simply rearranging a bedroom. Integral gliders or castors further enhance this quality.

Odd Size Beds supply an extensive collection of divan bed sets, each guaranteed to be of premium quality in order to give you the highest possible quality of sleep. Check out the range on our website and get ready to enjoy the very sweetest of dreams!

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