Five Reasons to Choose a Divan Bed Set

Thanks to their myriad qualities, divan beds have been used for hundreds of years and to this day are still the most popular option. Here at Odd Size Beds, we can supply a wide range of divan bed sets which each include both of the two components (base and mattress) and are brought to you at our signature low prices.

Divan bed sets offer lots of benefits and advantages. In this edition of the Odd Size Beds blog, we'll share the top five.

  1. Save Space. In any bedroom, you want to make sure that you can maximise the available space. With the bed itself taking up such a significant proportion of the space, choosing a divan bed set can help as they are designed to be compact. No matter what the size or shape of your bedroom, you can take advantage of our custom, made-to-measure service to create a uniquely-sized bed that exactly suits you. Best of all, you can opt for the inclusion of integral storage drawers to enhance the bed's space-saving qualities.  
  2. Rapid Assembly. Unlike a wooden bed frame which has to be assembled piece by piece, the base of a divan bed comes in just two halves which are quickly and simply attached using the secure clip provided. Place the included mattress on top and you're ready to go!
  3. Superb Style. We have worked hard to provide a stunning selection of fabric options in a delightful spectrum of different colours, textures and patterns. That means you can customise the look of your divan bed set to coordinate perfectly with your interior design scheme. 
  4. Perfect Proportions. We manufacture our divan bed bases to the same size as the accompanying mattress. This results in a compact, space-saving sleep solution without you having to worry about proportions. 
  5. Low Weight. Solid wood bed frames can be heavy if you need to move them, for example, if you are rearranging a bedroom or moving to a different home.  Divan bed bases are especially lightweight and so can be moved easily as and when required, a quality further enhanced with the inclusion of integral castors or gliders.

Check out the Odd Size Beds website to discover our complete collection of divan bed sets. Sweet dreams!

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