FIVE Reasons Why YOUR Bed Needs A Quality Headboard....

A headboard is considered by most people to be an integral part of a bed, something that goes without saying. But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what the benefits of this common accessory are? Wonder no longer! Here are five ways that a good headboard can benefit you and your home...

24" flat headboard

  1. A headboard helps to protect the wall behind it. The problem of natural sweat and moisture soaking into your pillow is easily remedied by washing; beds without a headboard allow the pillow to press against the wall, which will pick up some of the moisture. Over time, this can lead to dirty, stained walls.
  2. Speaking of problem pillows, anyone who has slept in a bed without a headboard will well know the misery of waking up in the middle of the night with the pillow missing! Usually, it has simply fallen into the space between the bead and the wall, something that a headboard would have prevented.
  3. Just because we're in bed doesn't necessarily mean that we will be sleeping. Watching TV, using a computer or mobile, reading and even eating are all common in-bed activities and a headboard allows you to sit up in comfort, fully supported while you relax.
  4. If the wall behind your bed isn't well-insulated, you could be finding your sleep disturbed by temperature: too warm in summer, too cold in winter. A headboard acts an insulator, protecting you from extremes and keeping you at a pleasant ambient temperature all night long.
  5. In much the same way that a frame gives a painting a 'completed' look, a headboard adds that defining finishing touch to a bed. By carefully selecting the type, texture and colour of the fabric, a headboard helps to bring together the key interior deisgn elements of your bedroom.

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