How to Build the Vegas Wooden Bed Frame

Here at Odd Size Beds, we offer a variety of wooden bed frames designed and manufactured by our carefully-chosen partner company Friendship Mill. The frames are supplied flat-packed ready for home assembly, a process which is both easy and rapid. In this edition of our blog, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to assemble one of the collection's bestsellers: the Vegas wooden bed frame.

The Vegas wooden bed frame is made to a simple yet elegant design which makes it suitable for use in an array of different interior design schemes. It is supplied made-to-measure and storage options can be included for a nominal extra charge. You can choose from a natural lacquered or antique finish; if you wish to paint or stain the frame yourself, the frame can also be supplied unfinished.

Assembly Guide

  • Make sure that you have enough space for assembly. You need to allow extra space (4" of length and 3" of width). For example, if your chosen length is 6'3", the final length will be 6'7".
  • Remove all frame components and fixings from the pack and check that they are all present and free of defects.
  • Take the long side rail and insert the barrel nuts through the holes.
  • Ensure that the narrow cross lath support rail is at the bottom end of the bed.
  • Pass the long bolts through the leg posts.
  • Offer the side rails to the leg posts.
  • Push the bolts through and finger-tighten the nuts to them. 
  • If the bed is a double, it will come with a centre support rail: this should be fixed in the same manner as stated above.
  • Using the included spacing template, place the cross support laths into the correct position. 
  • Fasten down the cross support laths using the provided wood screws. 
  • Ensure that all corners are exactly orientated to 90 degrees.
  • Fully tighten the end bolts. 

Your chosen mattress can now be placed onto the bed frame. All that remains to do is to look forward to a fantastic night of peaceful, restorative sleep!

For more information about the Vegas wooden bed frame, along with our select range of other wooden bed frames, check out the Odd Size Beds website. Do not hesitate to contact our expert team for further advice and support. Sweet dreams!

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