Measuring Tips when Choosing a New Bed

Buying a new bed is exciting as you're thinking about all of the fabulous nights of lovely sleep you'll soon be enjoying. Though you should definitely enjoy this excitement and anticipation, it's important that you don't get too carried away that you forget to measure the space your new bed is intended for! Many people have neglected this aspect and simply gone for the biggest bed on offer, leading to much disappointment when it doesn't fit properly.

Here we suggest some tips on measuring space so that your new bed can be easily accommodated.

The first thing to note is that, while the stated sizes of our beds and mattresses are as close to exact as they can be, you should always allow an extra couple of centimetres in all of your measurements. This is due to the fact that sizes can differ slightly due to things like quilted coverings and hand stitching.

Consider the intended location of your bed: will one side be against a wall or do you want space on both sides? You'll need a minimum of 40cm of room on each side of the bed and preferably 60cm. If you're choosing to add storage drawers, then you'll need to allow extra room for these to be pulled out. Make sure to also allow space for other elements in your bedroom like doors, wardrobes and other pieces of furniture.

A common mistake when measuring width is to take the measurement from wall to wall without accounting for skirting boards. These can reduce the exact width significantly so take your width measurement along the floor from the skirting board.

You also need to ensure that your new mattress and/or bed components can be transported to the bedroom. Problems are often encountered manoeuvering these items up staircases, particularly if thee staircase has bends or is especially steep or narrow. Mattresses can be bent to help with such issues but only to a strict maximum of 45 degrees; larger bending angles can damage the mattress filling.

If you need any advice about measuring or indeed anything else then you are encouraged to contact our expert team directly. Sweet dreams!

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