Open Coil and Pocket Sprung Mattresses: What's the Difference?

With mattress technology continuously evolving, choosing the right mattress isn't as easy as it used to be. At Odd Size Beds, we often receive questions about different aspects of our mattresses and many people seem to be confused as to the differences between open coil and pocket sprung formats. This edition of the Odd Size Beds blog looks at some of the principal differences between the two, helping you to make a more informed choice.

Open Coil Mattresses

Open coil mattresses, sometimes referred to as continuous- or standard-coil mattresses, feature an inter­con­nected spring system, containing around 300 springs on average. They represent one of the oldest and most traditional manuf­ac­turing methods and, due to their capability for mass production at a low cost, are often the most cost-effective choice for spare rooms or for people with a limited budget.

The springs of an open coil mattress come in different thicknesses, referred to as the 'gauge' of the mattress; a lower number indicates a thicker gauge and thus a firmer tension. Open coil mattresses from Odd Size Beds boast extra edge support, extending the sleeping surface and helping the mattress to retain its shape. They are especially suitable for children's beds as they can last up to five years before requiring replacement.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

With a pocket sprung mattress, each individual spring is housed in its own dedicated pocket, allowing them to work inde­pen­dently from one another. This means that the mattresses offer more support than open coil formats, as well as reducing the 'roll together' effect when two people are sleeping together.

Pocket sprung mattresses usually contain many more springs than open coil varieties: the higher the number of springs, the better the support provided to the sleeper. The pocket sprung mattresses in the Odd Size Beds collection are hand tufted and are crafted using hypo­al­ler­genic fillings of superior quality, offering a smooth sleeping surface and ultimate comfort.

Please browse the Odd Size Beds website to discover our complete collection of open coil and pocket sprung mattresses, all of which are available with free delivery and in an extensive selection of different sizes.

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