Ottoman Storage Beds

Ottoman Storage Beds

Ottoman Beds - great for extra storage space!

If you have a small bedroom you may also have trouble finding places to store all your stuff! 

Sometimes it's difficult to find a bed that fits well, especially when it comes to box rooms!

This is when an Ottoman storage divan will come in very handy.

Not only do they look pretty snazzy, they also provide additional hidden storage in your bedroom for all those extra items.  Things like bed linen, pillows, towels and toys!

What's more, you can also get one in a shorter length which is great if the room is very compact.

So what is an Ottoman bed exactly?  

The name 'Ottoman' is derived from the Ottoman Empire who had their own style of furniture which was introduced into Europe around the end of the 18th Century.

The bed is a essentially a divan, but instead of having drawers it has gas hydraulic struts that allow the the bit where the mattress sits to lift up exposing the storage area underneath. 

It is considerably stronger than a standard divan with drawers and utilises the whole length and width of the base for storage. 

Our Ottoman bases come with either a side or foot end opening so you can choose to suit your bedroom layout.  Fully customisable fabrics and colours which can also be matched to a headboard.  

Mattresses can be purchased separately from our complete range.

We also do odd sizes so you'll be sure to find what you're looking for!  

If you cannot find the size you want please get in touch with us.

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