Shorty Beds for Transitioning Toddlers

Shorty beds, so named for their shorter-than-usual length, are perfect for small spaces and are used everywhere from ordinary bedrooms to sleeping quarters on boats. Perhaps, not surprisingly, shorty beds were originally designed for children: this edition of the Odd Size Beds blog reveals the benefits of shorty beds when helping a child to effortlessly transition from a cot to their first 'grown-up' bed.

Good-quality sleep is essential for everyone but especially for children and young people. The transition from a cot to a bed can be a difficult one and shorty beds represent a comfortable stepping-stone in the process.

A standard single bed is often too big for a young child who is used to the comfortingly small dimensions of a cot. The unfamiliarity can be especially intimidating, which can cause serious sleep disturbances; as any parent will well know, such disturbances are more than likely to affect the whole household! In addition, the small body of a toddler in a big bed means that it takes much longer to warm up, reducing how inviting the bed is.

As well as providing comfort to a transitioning toddler, a shorty bed offers practical benefits. Children's bedrooms are usually a good deal smaller than those belonging to adults and generally contain more clutter too: a shorty bed, with its reduced size, helps to maximise the available space in such a room.

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