The Advantages of Bunk Beds

Here at Odd Size Beds, we are proud to supply the Wooden Bunk Bed Frame, crafted by leading manufacturer Friendship Mill. Made using strong, top-quality Brazilian pine with a truly beautiful glaze in a golden-honey colour, choosing this bed frame brings a host of advantages, some of which we showcase in this edition of the Odd Size Beds blog.

Children's bedrooms are often of limited size and this can be especially problematic if the bedroom is shared by two children. One of the key advantages of choosing a bunk bed is how much space it saves: as the two beds are stacked on top of one another, the space that would be required by two separate beds is cut in half. This means that you'll have much more space for other items of furniture and the kids will have extra room for playtime!

The space-saving qualities of the Friendship Mill Bunk Bed are further enhanced by the fact that the frame is mounted on sturdy legs, raising it from the floor. This creates extra space beneath that can be used to store toys, bedding or anything else, which also helps when it comes to keeping the room tidy.

It's not only space that you save when you choose the Friendship Mill Bunk Bed: you save lots of precious money as well! Brought to you by Odd Size Beds at an exceptionally low price, this fantastic bunk bed costs much less than two equivalent single beds. The bunk bed can be separated into two single beds: if you decide to give the children a room each at a later date, you won't have to fork out for a new bed!

Children find bunk beds to be an exciting novelty, which can help when it comes to getting them to go to bed in the first place. This can be a godsend for parents and guardians who find bedtime difficult to manage.

Odd Size Beds can also supply mattresses to compliment the Wooden Bunk Bed from Friendship Mill. Check out our website to discover all of your options. Sweet dreams!

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