The Benefits of a Reflex Foam Mattress

Odd Size Beds is a proud supplier of reflex foam mattresses, which are sold singly or as part of a comprehensive divan bed set. A complete range of standard sizes are available as well as made-to-measure formats. In this edition of the Odd Size Beds blog, we'll look in more detail at reflex foam mattresses to help you decide if they are right for your needs.

It is important to note that 'reflex foam' is not simply an interchangeable term for 'memory foam'. Reflex mattresses are made from polyurethane foam which incorporates thousands of tiny bubbles; when pressure is applied by lying on the foam, the bubbles  are squashed sideways, causing the foam to fit to your body as it tries to regain its original shape. This construction is different from memory foam, which incorporates small holes that allow air to escape when pressure is applied.

Reflex foam provides a firmer, more supportive feel than memory foam and it is for this reason that the material is often found in orthopaedic mattresses where it promotes proper alignment of the neck and spine. People who do not like the 'sinking sensation' of a memory foam mattress often find that a reflex mattress is a much better option.

Reflex foam mattresses offer many benefits, including:

  • Natural Hypoallergenic Qualities. Polyurethane is especially resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making it the ideal choice for people who have asthma or suffer with allergies
  • Support. People who suffer with pains in the neck or back can benefit from a reflex foam mattress, as it spreads the weight of the body evenly, reducing pressure points and providing increased support. The high density of the foam makes it particularly suitable to people of larger build
  • Orthopaedic Properties. Reflex foam is especially supportive, helping to ensure correct, healthy alignment of the neck and spine
  • Bunk Bed Suitability. With a bunk bed, the height of the mattress must be restricted for safety reasons. Reflex foam mattresses are thinner than memory foam or sprung mattresses and are therefore often more suitable for offering firm support within bunk bed safety guidelines
  • Cost. Reflex foam mattresses usually offer improved cost-effectiveness compared to mattresses of other types

Find out more about the reflex foam mattresses we supply on the Odd Size Beds website.

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