Why Choose a Divan Bed Set?

Divan beds are the most popular option for a number of reasons. Comprising a sturdy platform base on top of which goes the mattress of your choice, a divan bed set offers many advantages and, in this edition of the Odd Size Beds blog, we'll be sharing some of those advantages with you.

Save on Space

In any bedroom, the bed itself is the item of furniture that almost always takes up most of the room. Divan beds are compact and help you to maximise the available space. As a divan base is the same size as the mattress that goes on top of it, not an inch of space is wasted. If you choose a divan bed that is fitted with storage drawers, the space saving potential is enhanced even further.

Assemble with Ease

The base of a divan bed is supplied as two separate pieces. Using the provided clips, it is a matter of rapid simplicity to attach the two halves together, a job that is completed in less than a minute. All you need to do then is to place the mattress on top of the base and you're ready for some sweet dreams!

Superlative Style

The divan bed has been around for centuries and its distinctive style has barely changed. Though divan bed sets are traditional, there are plenty of modern design options available in terms of colours and fabrics when you purchase from Odd Size Beds, allowing you to coordinate easily with any existing interior design scheme. You can complete the look with one of our glamorous headboards, which also improves practical value.

Accurate Sizing

When you buy a divan bed set from Odd Size Beds, you can rest assured that the base is manufactured to precisely the right size and specification of the mattress that comes with it. Just let us know the size you need and we will take care of everything.

Unmatched Maneuverability

When compared to bed frames made from solid timber, divan bases are especially light in weight and so are easy to maneuver if you are moving home or just rearranging the furniture in a bedroom. The bases are mounted on castors or gliders so there's no heavy lifting involved.

Here at Odd Size Beds, we offer a wide range of premium-quality divan bed sets. Discover the complete collection on our website. Sweet dreams!

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