Beds & Mattresses: How to Ensure the Perfect Fit

Here at Odd Size Beds, we specialise in providing beds, mattresses and headboards designed to exactly suit the dimensions of any given bedroom. Before you choose your products, it is important that you first measure the available space so that you can be certain of a perfect fit. In this edition of our blog, we offer some important tips to help you measure correctly.

While we endeavour to work to the strictest tolerances, it is important to note that all sizes stated are approximate due to a variety of factors including hand stitching and the inclusion of quilted covering. To make sure that your bed and/or mattress will fit correctly, you should allow an extra inch when measuring the available space.

Something that people often neglect to take into account when measuring the space between two walls is the presence of skirting boards. If there are skirting boards present, take your measurement between boards rather than from wall to wall.

If you are purchasing a bed, mattress and/or headboard of a particularly large size, you should check first if the components can be moved upstairs without a problem. For your convenience, we have produced a guide to measuring from stairs to ceiling-point: this can be seen in the image that accompanies this article.

To make getting a mattress to the room of choice easier, the mattress can be bent. It is important that you do not bend the mattress to an angle exceeding 45 degrees as this can cause damage to the filling. If a mattress has been damaged in this way, Odd Size Beds are not able to offer a replacement.

If there is the potential for problems in getting a divan bed base to a room, Odd Size Beds can split the base to solve the issue. Such problems can be caused in several different ways, for example if the staircase is very narrow or steep, if the staircase has bends or if the staircase is located between two doors.

Our expert team is always available to offer advice and support in choosing the most suitable products so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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