Complete Your Divan Set with a Customised Upholstered Headboard

If you read the last edition of our blog, then you'll know just how important a good headboard really is. In this edition, we're going to share a superb selection of the many different upholstered headboards that Odd Size Beds can quickly supply: which is YOUR favourite?

Impression: Winged Headboard

The Impression upholstered headboard sits right at the top of our range and is the absolute epitome of luxury, designed to proudly take centre stage in your bedroom. Made using sublimely-soft crushed velvet with a diamond-effect panel, this regal winged headboard is extravagantly embellished with sparkling crystals. Choose from seven amazing colours, including Black, Pink, Denim Blue and Silver Ice.

Grace: Cubed Headboard

As graceful as its name suggests, this stunning upholstered headboard displays clean geometric lines, created by the repeating pattern of squares that emblazon it. Glamour is added with crystal embellishment and you can choose from 11 different colours including Truffle, Silver and Mink. Available in velvet or crushed velvet.

Impact: Curved Headboard

The subtle curve that characterises this exquisite headboard gives it a truly unique appearance. At once classic and contemporary, the Impact curved headboard from Odd Size beds is crafted using a divine plush fabric in a choice of six colours, including Beige, Teal and Steel Grey.

All of our quality headboards can be used to complete one of our divan bed sets, adding the perfect finishing touch in terms of both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Check out the full range on our website and don't forget that ALL of our divan sets are currently available with a tasty 10% price discount!

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