Divan Beds in All Sizes

Divan Beds in All Sizes

The most popular type of bed is indeed the old faithful divan! 

Designed for comfort and to make the best use of the space that's available, the divan bed is still a firm favourite in the UK! 

This is probably due to their cutomisability, affordable cost and space saving ability!

When you're furnishing a bedroom, one of the most important factors is of course the bed! 

Sometimes due to the size of the room you can be restricted on where to locate a bed, so a custom size divan would do the job nicely, as they are flush with the mattress and don't take up any extra space. 

As specialists in crafting made to order divan beds that will fit most spaces including small box bedrooms, you have certainly come to the right place with Odd Size Beds.

You can find almost any width or length in our extensive range of divan beds.  Anything from from 2'3" wide to 7'3" long (and not limited to!).  Each divan base can be customised in various colours and fabrics which can easily be matched to a headboard of your choice.

Depending on your budget and needs, our ranges start with our lowest priced divan, the Countess divan bed set which comes with an open coil medium firm mattress, and extends to the more expensive Total Comfort 2000 boasting a memory foam topper embedded onto a supportive pocket sprung firm mattress.

Whether you want a standard size divan bed or a custom size divan, we have one to meet your needs.  If you can't find what you're looking for just get in touch.

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