Divan Beds - Sale Next Week!

Divan Beds - Sale Next Week!


Not this weekend - but the good news is we will have a 5 DAY DISCOUNT SALE starting next week! 

From Monday 16 right through to Friday 20 May YOU CAN GET £25 OFF any size divan bed!  Wow - amazing right? 😮😀

Divans are a great option if you're strapped for space as they don't take up as much room as a wooden frame.  What's more, you can get them in shorter or longer lengths and in between the standard widths.

All fully customisable in a range of fabrics and colours, with storage and headboard options.

Get yourself on over to our website Mon to Fri next week to get your made to order divan and save £25 in the process.  🛒🏃👇

🔸 Divans 

🔹 Custom Size Divans 

Keep Snoozing! 💤

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