Pocket Memory Divans: The Best of Both Worlds!

Even when you've got all the information about the different types of modern mattresses, it can still be difficult to make a decision. If that sounds like you then we have got the perfect solution! Read on to find out more about the Total Comfort collection of divan bed sets, available to purchase now from Odd Size Beds at the most competitive price around...

Before we get on to talking about the Total Comfort mattresses, let's start with a look at the divan base itself. Divan beds have steadily increased in popularity over the years, as more and more people discover the ideal combination of practicality, affordability and aesthetic versatility.

Divan platform bases are exactly the same size as their accompanying mattress, meaning that not a centimetre of space is wasted: this is an especially attractive quality when the bed will be placed in a bedroom of limited size. To further enhance this practicality, beds from the Total Comfort collection can be upgraded with an array of different storage options.

You can choose from a huge selection of fabric and colour options for these superlative divan bed bases so you'll always be able to find something that suits your chosen design scheme. A wide range of stunningly-beautiful headboards is also available to complete the look.

The mattresses that accompany divan bed sets from the Total Comfort collection incorporate both pocket springs and memory foam to deliver the absolute ultimate in comfort and support. Available with either 1000, 1500 or 2000 individually-wrapped pocket springs, each mattress in the collection incorporates an upholstered layer of memory and reflex foam.

Total Comfort mattresses are hand tufted to deliver exceptional durability and have been finished with an upholstered later of anti-static and stress-free damask material. You can choose from firm, medium or soft mattress formats as you prefer. As our top-of-the-range divan bed set options, the Total Comfort collection will provide you with the best sleep you've ever had.

Find out more details about Total Comfort divan bed sets on our website and get ready to enjoy the very sweetest of dreams...!

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