Pocket Sprung Mattresses - What you need to know

Pocket Sprung Mattresses - What you need to know

This week we focus on how you can benefit from a pocket sprung mattress

Pocket sprung mattresses offer more support than open coil mattresses in terms of how they are built and the quality of the springs.

They are made up of individually packed springs.  Each spring is set in its own little pocket so works independently to the other springs. Spring counts can vary quite considerably ranging from 600 to 5,000. Typically, though, the higher the number of springs, the better the support and firmer the mattress.  Ours range from 1000-2000 springs.

Although, the number of springs doesn’t necessarily determine the quality or firmness of the mattress as some springs are more superior than others.  More so it’s the nature of the filling and the amount that is used to fill and top the mattress that ultimately provides the quality.  This can include synthetic, natural fibers (such as wool/cotton) or a combination of both.  Some even have built in memory foam toppers.  

As we mentioned above, pocket sprung mattresses offer much better support for your body, and are especially great for people of two different weights as you get less roll - ie when one person is heavier than the other, the lighter person is less likely to roll over to their side of the bed!  We all know how annoying this can be!

The only downside is that they can be heavy to turn, due to the density of the fillings. Also, as some are packed with natural fibres, such as wool,  you may want to check before buying if suffer from allergies. 

Ours comprise a mixture of wool, polyester and cotton, although some are just polyester and most of our mattresses are also non-turn so the weight isn't a factor once it's on the bed!

As a rule, pocket sprung mattresses last typically 7-10 years depending on the quality and prices vary quite a lot.   

It's that old saying "you get what you pay for."  That being said, as we're an e-commerce store we can pass our savings on overheads on to our customers so that you get the best of both worlds!  Good quality mattresses at affordable prices!  

Here is a selection of the pocket mattresses you can get from our online shop:

Pocket Mattress Specifications
 Mattress Name  Specification  Tension
 Farndale   1000 springs, depth 11", cotton/­polyester/­wool filling   Soft­/Medium
 Rhapsody  1000 springs, depth 11", cotton/­polyester/­wool filling  Medium­/Firm
 Silk 1000  1000 springs, depth 11", polyester filling  Soft
 Silk 1500  1500 springs, depth 11", polyester filling  Medium­/Firm
 Total Comfort   1000  1000 springs, depth 11", polyester filling, memory foam   topper upholstered built in  Soft
 Total Comfort   1500  1500 springs, depth 11", polyester filling, memory foam   topper upholstered built in  Soft­/Medium
 Total Comfort   2000  2000 springs, depth 11", polyester filling, memory foam   topper upholstered built in  Firm

The above table shows links to our standard UK sizes, but you can also purchase sizes in 3" increments from our odd sizes section.

If you've taken a look and you're still not sure which one may be right for you, then just get in touch and we'll help you to choose.

As an incentive this coming weekend of 2 and 3 April you can further benefit from our online pocket sprung mattress discount sale! 

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